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How to store and preserve jewelry


Buying jewellery is a good thing, knowing how to preserve it over time is a better one! We have all experienced different ways to store and organize our jewelry, with more or less convincing results. Jewel cases, boxes, pouches, when it comes to store jewelry it is important to respect individual tastes and habits, but it is also crucial to be well informed about certain practices that tarnish or damage our pieces of jewelry. Today, Jweel tells you all about the best way to store and take care of your jewelry to preserve it over time.

Jewelry should not be subjected to extremes of heat/ cold or humidity

Never store your jewelry in a place exposed to cold drafts as an attic for example, or, conversely, in a closet near a heat source. Rather store your jewelry at room temperature and do not expose it to direct sunlight. Choose a place away from humidity to prevent tarnishing or discoloration. Some jewelry such as silver is very sensitive to the damages caused by extreme temperatures and humidity.



Store your jewelry in a clean place and sort it by type

This advice applies to all jewelry, but especially for costume and silver jewelry (bronze, brass). Never store a corroded brass costume piece found in a flea market with the precious gold ring of your grandmother. Not only that musty and old metal smell is sure to be deposited on your other jewelry, but the contact with corrosion may tarnish it more quickly, or even damage it. So sort jewelry by typenever mix precious and costume jewelry and keep it in a dry and clean place.
And if some of your jewelry is already damaged, do not panic! Just read our article “How to preserve and clean jewelry.”

Prefer a jewelry box with a soft coating

There are many plastic or wooden boxes on the market, but to store jewelry, especially precious one, rather choose a box provided with a soft coating and soft pads especially for this purpose. This way, you won’t damage your jewelry’s precious stones and metals. Remember: gold is extremely sensitive to shocks.
Also make sure that your jewelry box is large enough, and that it has enough compartments to store all of your jewelry without beeing clumped together. Getting rid of tangled chains necklaces knots is often really hard. (On this subject, please read our article “How to get a knot out of a chain“). An ideal jewelry storage imply that the pieces are not in contact with one another. And if that’s the case, better choose a larger jewelry box or several different boxes.

Store your precious stones jewelry individually

As you may know it, diamond is the hardest stone (10 on the Mohs hardness scale, which measures the relative hardness or scratch resistance of different materials) This means that a diamond is able to scratch any lower classified materials on the Mohs scale. To give you some examples, a fingernail has a hardness of 2; a copper penny, about 3; the blade of a knife, 5; and a steel file, 6.5. Among other precious stones: rubies, 9; sapphire 9; emerald, 7.5.
It is therefore absolutely necessary that you make sure that your precious stones and especially diamonds do not rub against any other jewelry. In other words, your gemstone jewelry should not be stacked in a box, but cleanly and properly stored in individual jewel cases.

Store your silver jewelry in pouches

The most important thing to prevent silver jewelry from tarnishing is to keep it dry and away from other jewelry that have tarnished. Silver jewelry is less precious than gold, so we can allow a resourceful little trick: to store silver jewelry, take some old cotton cloth, tear a bed sheet for example. Drop your cleaned jewelry and roll it, so that there is some airflow but the jewelry is protected. Put the little pack in a drawer. If you feel motivated, you can sew or buy small felt or cotton pouches to individually store your silver jewelry.

Hang necklaces from hooks

You can easily buy jewelry armoires which have doors with hooks for hanging necklaces. It is important to keep your necklaces hung to help prevent tangling and knots. If you do not have a jewelry armoire, here is an easy  DIY solution: Take an old frame and add a cork board. Screw some hooks (available at any hardware store) or use pins as hooks to hang your necklaces and bracelets.

Learn how to pack your jewelry for travel

Home is not the only place where it is important to learn how to store your jewelry. To prevent jewelry breakage, knots, loss or deformation in luggage, please read our article “7 tips to pack jewelry for travel

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